Set For The Fall Plays with National Recording Artists 10Years

We are excited to announce we are sharing the stage with National Recording Artist 10Years! 2013 was a great year for us playing with some really great and amazing bands such as Super Bob, Shallow Side, Eye Empire, Sumerlin and being able to meet and reach new people. We were able to create some really awesome relationships. This year has started out with a BANG! We played a tryout show in march at Hoolgans in Jacksonville, NC and the venue owners liked us so much they put us on the 10Years show July 25th. We are truly blessed to get this show and hang out with the guys at Hooligans. We also received a call from Danny at FireRaven Productions and he is helping us in so many ways, supporting us as artists, and lining up some tours as well! Thats right, you heard it! Tours! This year Set For The Fall will go on the road hitting up cities up and down the east coast also making our way out to central US! Again we are super excited and truly blessed! We love you all and are excited to see you at our shows this year. Tell all your friends so they can come see what Set For The Fall is all about!

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